Baxter Group provides all types of construction, engineering, design and landscaping services. The company’s team consists of international and Azerbaijani experts. Partners of Baxter Group are leading European companies in the field of design, architecture, urban planning and others.

The success of Baxter Group doesn’t depend only on its innovative potential, but also on a committed approach and a high skill level of its specialists, as well as the proven ability to generate valuable solutions on a range of issues related to the construction, infrastructure and project management.


We set a goal to achieve a leading position in construction and infrastructure, making an active contribution to the social welfare, sustainable development and the achievement of high results for all stakeholders. Baxter Group – is a company which strategy is focused on sustainable development, that is based on our core values.


High Quality
High responsibility
Care for the environment
Social Responsibility
Realization of prospects
Focus on the consumer
Care about people



As a priority, we consider the search for effective solutions that will provide sustainable development of all our activities, thereby improving the life of current and future generations. Sustainable development, application of latest technologies and continuous improvement are specific goals of Baxter Group.


BAXTER Group is ready to take orders for all kinds of design services. We also offer attraction service of the most famous architects and designers in the world to participate in various projects.


We are ready to implement all kinds of engineering works, regardless of complexity of the object to be constructed in order to ensure long-term operation of the building and trouble-free operation of all communication systems.

Engineering services are related to each other but at the same time each of them has its own peculiarities. For their smooth functioning carrying out of all works by one supplier is essential. This approach guarantees that the engineering systems will work as a single mechanism, responsibilities for the operation of all units will be carried by a single organization, rather than a dozen of sub-contractors.

The company within the consortium provides industrial, residential and commercial construction works of any complexity. Our company has all the necessary construction licenses, professional skills and resources to implement non-standard and complex tasks. We attract highly qualified specialists with experience in the planning and carrying out of the civil works.

Facade of the building not only forms a recognizable personal style, but also carries a functional load, protecting the building from the nature vagaries. Construction of new buildings, as well as the restoration of old ones, includes facade works, which can be decoration and repair activities of the front side of the building . Not all construction companies in Azerbaijan  are able to provide high quality facade works. It requires special equipment and highly skilled workers. "Baxter Group" provides a full range of facade works. We are ready to accept projects of private, commercial and industrial buildings of any type and altitude.

«Baxter Group» Construction company is engaged with all types of services related to the internal decor and planning of project as well as civil buildings . On our web site you will see the works, ranging from economy to the premium class as well as complex internal works. Construction, repairmen and design works ofhigh quality is only possible by using high-quality materials and modern technology to meet all current standards, as well as by the support of a good team of experts.

The presence of the external lighting system of buildings is  the symbol of modern Baku. "Baxter Group" offers the services of a competent and aesthetically realized outdoor lighting of buildings by the latest technologies.

There are a number of engineering systems, providing optimal conditions for human livlehood and the operation of various types of equipment. Among them, ventilation and cooling systems play a very important role. "Baxter Group" will adjust the ventilation system to ensure the maintenance of the necessary climate and temperature conditions at various construction sites.

"Baxter Group" works with the most modern heating systems. Opting for specific brands and models of equipment should be carried out taking into account the characteristics of the object and future operating conditions. Specialists of the "Baxter Group" construction company perform all the complex installation of heating systems at homes, apartments, office buildings, industrial buildings, commercial premises. During the installation of a heating system, we use the most modern materials and technologies

The structure of the services of the automated control system includes cable networks of strong and weak currents, technical equipment and the necessary software. Baxter Group will provide the following activities:

Sewerage, water supply and water treatment;
Air conditioning and heating;
Preparation of air masses and ventilation;
Consideration of electricity, heat and other energy resources;

Master synchronization;
Security system, including fire (gas pollution, temperature and so on)

According to the customer’s needs "Baxter Group" is ready to provide Smart Home system. It is an intelligent engineering system to control the home, which creates a comfortable, efficient and safe environment for living and recreation of their owners. "Smart home" means: control and management of engineering systems, including control of energy consumption. Safety: fire alarm, CCTV, access control, protection from accidents. Providing living comfort: climate control, lighting and so on.  Entertainment: Multimedia, TV, Internet and communications.


Construction of roads, road junctions and planning of road infrastructure is one of the main activities of our foreign partners. Construction of roads is an integral part of the country. Our partners have extensive experience in such matters as the construction of new roads that meet international standards.

Construction, reconstruction and electrification of railways.

Foreign partners of "Baxter Group" have a broad base of relevant equipment, a number of construction units for the various activities. That is why "Baxter Group" is ready to perform the construction of railway works of any complexity, on time and of high quality not only in our country, but also abroad.

Airport is a complex structure consisting of a number of sites and buildings. Mandatory elements are: Arrival zone, departure zone, facilities for technical services, aircraft parking, runways, taxiways. Baxter group, together with its partners, can provide a full cycle of works on equipment, modernization and construction of airports. Our company provides unique opportunities for technical re-equipment with the optimal for a customer costs.

Важное место в промышленном строительстве занимает строительство портов и их комплексов. Это один из наиболее сложных видов строительства, так как создавая порт учитывать очень много факторов – от возможных внешних воздействий на конструкцию до учета возможных работ, которые будут проводиться в порту в будущем.
Наши специалисты хорошо разбираются в технологиях, которые требуются при строительстве речных и морских портов. “BaxterGroup” использует только самые качественные строительные материалы и самые передовые технологии.

Baxter group partners carries out construction of sport facilities from metalware. Construction is carried out with a stricked plann and fixed budget. High speed of sport complexes building is due to the technology of prefabricated buildings. Constructed sports facilities meet all the requirements of modern sports facilities and differ with aesthetic appearance and interior.

"Baxter Group" together with leading experts in this area provides planning and architectural combination services, as well as the creation of master plans and their implementation in accordance with the relevant conditions of the modern Azerbaijan.

Golf is a special area where our company is a particularly bright! "Baxter Group" will help in design and build of a golf course in accordance with the world standards. We not only know how to technologically organize the construction, but also how to build exciting gameplay. Landscape design in the construction of golf courses will turn any area into the perfect venue for leisure.

Partners of "Baxter Group" have the experience of wind farm and geo-thermal projects in Azerbaijan. The company is also willing to consider projects to create tunnels and power complexes.

Responsible for the development of projects, installation, commissioning and approval of documents on climate installation and maintenance, connection to the low-and high-voltage power lines, security and control, communications, fire alarms and fire protection water systems, hot water, operation of solar thermal and PV systems in all buildings and on any civilian facilities in the private and public sector.

Responsible resource allocation is very important for the Baxter Group. The company together with its partners will undertake complex projects related to water supply and water treatment.

Architecture  is the art of building, kind of creativity , shaping the reality according to the laws of beauty. All architectural structures have three groups of characteristics: functional (convenience, use), structural (strength, economy), aesthetic (beauty, artistic image that expresses the ideological content). "Baxter Group" is working with architects from around the world and represents the interests of leading Spanish architects in Azerbaijan.

In this work, we are constantly developing:

1. Automating process of the project documentation development

2. Improving of the building construction technologies.

3. Modern project management approaches.

4 Development of information systems workflow, project management, financial accounting and other processes. Project management process allows you to cover all stages of the project immediately, including: preparation of initial permits; design; construction of the facility; supply of materials and equipment; warranty and post warranty maintenance of constructed facilities.

Development and implementation of technical, economic and organizational measures at all stages of construction and management, aimed at the establishment, provision and maintenance of the required quality level, implemented through a systematic control. "Baxter Group" will provide a high level of construction process control, which meets international standards.


  (Böyük Britaniya)



Döşəmələr və onların döşənməsi üçün bütün aksesuar və komponentlərini istehsal edən dünyanın ən aparıcı şirkətləri


Müxtəlif tərkibdə materiallar (dəmir, taxta, laminat, kovrolit, linoleum).

2sm-dən 2m-ə qədər yüksəlmə imkanı. İstənilən vaxt döşəmənin altındakı qurğuları və kommunikasiyaları istismar etmək fürsəti. Yükgötürmə qabiliyyəti 1.200-7000 kq


Gentaş – (Türkiyə)

Möhkəm quruluşu ilə zərbələrə, rütubətə, ləkə tutmağa və turşulara qarşı dayanıqlıdır. İstiyə və soyuğa qarşı istilik izolyasiyasnı təmin edir. Örtmə, boya, lak, cila tələb etmədiyindən həm tətbiqi həm də baxımı asandır.


BN İnternational – (Hollandiya)

Böyük kolleksiyada vinil və divar kağızları. Müxtəlif qalınlıqda  və ölçülərdə eni 0.53-1.30 sm, uzunluğu 10-50 m. Sifarişlə rəng və dizayn seçimi




Colorker  həm professinal, həm də fərdi şəxslərə kermika vasitəsilə özlərini ifadə etməyə maksimum imkan verir.

Grespania 30 ildən çox təcrübəsi ilə bütün dünyada keyfiyyətinə görə tanınır.





Akustik asma tavan istehsalı və satışı üzrə dünyada liderlər. ABŞ-ın və Avropanın müxtəlif ölkələrində 40-dan çox zavodu. Tərkibi: BİO – mineral tərkibli, istiliyi izolyasiya etmə imkanlarına malik, yanğına və nəmişliyə davamlı material. Çeşidləri: təbii mineral tərkibli tavanlar, yüksək keyfiyyətli sinklənmiş dəmirdən və alümindən tavanlar, mebelli modullar, dəmir asma sistemlər







Məkanları funksional və vizual olaraq zənginləşdirərək həyat keyfiyyətini yüksəldən, işıqlı iş mühitləri yaradan DEKA Bölme Divar Sistemləri




Müxtəlif çeşiddə və rəngdə (alümin, plastik, PVC). Hər növ yer örtüyündən başqasına keçidlər, hədd profilləri və döşəmə yaşmaqları



Geniş təqdimatda çöl və daxili qapı sistemləri: rəngi solmayan, odadavamlı, akustik, avtomatik hərəkət edən. Müxtəlif ölçülərdə eni, uzunluğu, qalınlığı. Müxtəlif növ materiallardan (mebel, sinklənmiş dəmir, PVC, şüşəvə hətta mərmər). Böyük çeşiddə (otel, ofis, klinika, villa və məişət kolleksiyası). Sifarişlə rəng və dizayn seçimi 




İnteryer, dekor, boya sahəsində 50 ildən artıq təcrübəsi olan İspan markası.
Monto boyalarının istehsalında tətbiq olunan Tintometrik sistemin təqdim etdiyi elementlər sayəsində minə qədər rəng çeşidindən istənilən boyanı dərhal və yerində almaq mümkündür.  Yanğınadavamlı boyalar da mövcuddur.





Rəngi solmayan sintetik, qarışıq və xalis 100% Yeni Zelandiya yunundan toxunmuş xalı və kovrolitlər. Xüsusi patentlənmiş özü hava təmizləyən katalizator sistemi. 


Müxtəlif materiallar (anodlanmış alümin,  latun, polad, PVC) məhəccərlər.  Qapı, divar, künc, liftlər üçün plastik qoruyucular. Binanı günəş radiasiyasından qoruyan və səsi azaldan günlüklər. Binanın girişində və daxilində istifadə olunan ayaqaltı silmə qurğuları. Binanın xaricində və daxilində istifadə olunan müxtəlif deformasiyon termobitişik növləri.



Project Management (Spain)

Founded in 1995, MS&F is a consultancy company that specialises in the development of national and international projects.

We offer services based on a "boutique" philosophy, high quality and personalised, designed to fit the needs and expectations of each individual company, entity or organisation with which we collaborate.


Caspian Fish Co. Wind Station

Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy

Architecture (Spain)

INGENNUS Urban Consulting was created by joining a group of professionals, architects, engineers and planners, with extensive professional experience and with the goal of providing architectural, engineering and planning services in a global context.




Infrastucture, Engineering and Construction (Spain)

ACCIONA is one of the foremost Spanish business corporations, leader in the development and management of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services. Listed on the selective Ibex-35 stock exchange index, it is a benchmark for the market. 


Ceramic (Spain)

Londoño Trading is working since 1993 in the field of exportation of ceramic tiles, porcelain, klinker, mosaics, sanitary ware, taps, accesories, furniture, profiles, between other products



Baku Medical Plaza

Aesthetic center


Olympic village




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